Lately my days have been good.

My nights? Not so much…

does anyone know of a good online payment method other than PayPal that’s reliable and not skeevy?

For Xiaolin!Musical because I felt like making dragonnutt cry today

Chase’s Lullaby

Parody of Dolorosa’s Lullaby, which is a parody of Your Daddy’s Son from Ragtime the Musical

Takes place in the TAT timeline with Good!Chase Young. For full effect, please read these while listening to the actual music.

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-No Fighting
-No Spamming
-Requests are allowed [encouraged, in fact], but please be reasonable [ie keep it simple, folks]
-I guess no roleplay??? just dont flood the chabox, please, I’d like to see the requests

If you read all that then here: LINK

If you’re thinkin’ about coming just reply to the post and also

how did i get so many followers??? where did you all come from


So I made a livestream account where I’ll be drawing semi-regularly; I’ve decided that for now I’m probably gonna draw maybe twice a week?

I’ll do one tonight at seven o’clock atlantic time [I’m on the east coast of North America, so] and I’ll post a link to it ten minutes before it starts. Fifty whole available seats for all you guys out there, so show up early if you want in!

Have a good day/night! :3

This last stream took the LONGEST TIME for some reason [*cough*dragonnuttwasn’there*cough*] but here it is!!

In other news I got a Livestream account so the next time I hold one I’ll be sure to post a link here for anyone to see! Who would come? No one, probably, haha.

Also, Dragonnutt? This answers two out of the three things you put in my inbox request-wise SO. [but i’ll throw in another shit-wrecking Omi just for you ;3]


i fucked up my theme so forgive all the shit everywhere i’m trying to fix it

im njust gonna leave it. for now. send in asks or whatever i wanna draw

i fucked up my theme so forgive all the shit everywhere i’m trying to fix it

Yet another livestream! Yay. Featuring Five Nights at Freddy’s, more WXS, small children, instances of my author avatar, drunk raimundo from CAH, and IMPORTANT PLOT THIGNS for something I’m working on atm